Stanford University Spring Workshop 2015 for Training, Collaboration and Technology Transfer

  21/01/2015       06/02/2015

The Spring Training Workshop is an essential part of the TLP agenda that targets young researchers interested in pursuing advanced studies and acquiring various technical skills along the way. These skills include strengthening of the research profile and increasing the necessary capacity to execute world-class research projects. In addition, this experience is also a great opportunity to enhance the participants’ network of collaborators and improve their interaction with international research environments. The program was held within the CEAA at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, United States of America. The time-line of training activities began on January 21st and ended on February 6th, The first part of the workshop was administered by our highly-esteemed faculty at Stanford University, where each Project was presented by the corresponding Principal Investigator (PI). Beginning the following week, research activities were assigned to each team member. The researchers were performing in-lab experiments, meeting other team members and working towards completing the project objectives. The final day of the workshop was meant to include closing sessions and an opportunity for the researchers to present their results for the two week period of training, in addition to discussing next step activities and goals to be performed until the Summer Workshop visit.